Experience is everything

We’re the KCS Group, a group of companies that design and build experiences that change the way you feel. For us the experience is everything and everything we do goes into making it the best feeling you’ll have.

Honda partnership

KCS has worked in partnership with Honda for over 20 years. A partnership based on trust, experience and shared values. Delivering Soichiro Honda understood the power of new thinking, research and creativity. He knew it was a mindset, not a department. This is the KCS approach developed over many years of working with Honda, our people actively encouraged to challenge convention without fear of failure.

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Kinetics Space

Kinetics Space is a Film and Photography studio. A 1000 sq meter studio available for all film and photography needs, printing facilities on-site and a design team to support any production.

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Kinetics Create

A design and printing business to support any production in the creation, design and printing of materials. Supporting both KCS and Kinetics, Create delivers all your creative requirements.

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