About us

Content, technology and data are continually changing brand experiences and audiences are increasingly demanding they are more immersive and connected. Creating the right connections requires understanding, imagination and expertise to deliver at every touchpoint. Using the experience to share time and space to create stories to make the most personal of connections between the consumer and the brand.




Our creative and strategic approach coupled with a can-do attitude ensures we don’t just communicate but connect emotionally.

Events we’ve deployed

The KCS Group has a wealth of experience in delivering events for a range of briefs with one thing in common, they all enrich the customer experience through design, deployment and engagement.

Product launch

Product Launch is key for any brand. The KCS Group is expert in designing, planning and delivering ideas, venues and occasions that make a lasting impression with journalists and customers.

Bringing the smallest of products to life is vital to encourage customers to find out more. National, regional or local shows are all important to showcase the brand in a way that leads to future enquiries

Working in collaboration with your local retail network we will provide all of the ingredients to deliver a strong impact to support the retailer

Bespoke experiences

The personal touch creates the biggest impact. Something designed exactly for your needs and interests. We find out what is key to success for your event or activity, we use an engaging and collaborate process to design exactly what you need. Through our local partners in many countries we build your event with meticulous planning and attention to detail so you don’t have to worry about your customers or your own team. They only have to concentrate of having the best time ever.

Team expertise

We have 100s of years of combined experiences within the team. Everyone has a vast array of skills and expertise that spans product knowledge, working with customers to health and safety. Everyone in the team has one thing in common, they love what they do and they love working with people. They combine to create a ‘can do’ approach that delivers success and overcomes any challenges along the way.

Creative Collaborations

The world is changing fast and so we embrace to work collaboratively with people and companies that offer complementary services and skills.

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